Aidoru no Kinshiteru Koi (アイドルの禁止てる恋 Aidoru no Kinshiteru Koi) is the second Japanese anime that Curenatsuki has created on this wiki. Produced by Toei Animation, the series is written by Curenatsuki/Grace, who has is planning to create even more animes. It will begin airing on June 15th, 2014, which is coincidently Curenatsuki's birthday.


Kasumi Ayase is a world-famous idol. She cannot fall in love, as do all idols, because idols' love is for everyone. But then she meets Hikaru Hikawa in her new class. They are total polar opposites, but Kasumi finds herself falling in love with Hikaru. But she cannot fall in love as an idol! What will she do?


Kasumi Ayase (綾瀬かすみ Ayase Kasumi)

Kasumi Ayase is a 11 year old world-famous idol who has inspiried many people during the years. She became an idol when she was 8 years old. She fell in love with Hikaru Hikawa during the series. Kasumi is cheerful and always carries a smile on her face. Her great singing skills are admired by many people, but her dancing, stage performing, star aura, improvisation and acting skills are always on top of normal idols.

Hikaru Hikawa (氷川ひかる Hikawa Hikaru)

Hikaru Hikawa is a 11 year old boy who is considered a "bad boy" in the school. He is very interested in scocer, and inspiries to become a soccer player when he grows up. He falls in love with Kasumi Ayase during the series. Hikaru is sometimes rude, mean and harsh, but has his gentle and kind side. He is awesome at sports, but he mostly prefers playing soccer.

Hono Mikaru (三火瑠穂野 Mikaru Hono)

Hono Mikaru is a 11 year old girl who is one of Kasumi's best friends during the year. She newly transfered to the school and was warmly greeted by Kasumi, and so that led to their tight friendship. Hono is kind and is always able to crack a joke to you. She is really good at sports and is more of a tomboy. She has a habit of reading romance novels.

Mizu Hateshi (果史水 Hateshi Mizu)

Mizu Hateshi is a 11 year old girl who is one of Kasumi's best friends during the year. She became great friends with Kasumi a year prior to the series. Mizu is very outgoing and is always seen around with a novel, as she loves reading books. She is really good at remembering animal's names and even their scientic names.