Ameri is one of Hearts characters. At the beging she was one of devils that fought angels, but she found out truth about love and later became one of main characters.


Before she became friends with Hikari and others, Ameri's personality was alot a like the personality most of the devils from Devil world have. She hated angels and wanted to kill all of them. After she first time fought Scarlett and others she asked Devil queen if she can be the one that will kill "the girl between to powers" because she found out they were diffrent that most of angels. She transfer in Hikari's scool to found out more about them and later she started to understand love. She decided to help Hikari and others and she left the devil world. After becomeing friends with Hikari and others she was still quiet girl, but also kind and she cared fore here friends very much. 



More about Ameri

Age: 14

Height: 165 cm 

Birthday: 5th November