Card is MoonligtTruth's second fanmade series on Fandom of Anime wiki. It talks about four girls that became idols.

Opening SongCard of Love

Idol jump

Ending SongLet's go together

Shining Star


Erika and her best friend Sakura found out about audition to become idols.They have to be in groups of at least 

four people. They found four other girls that joind their team and were one of three teams that were chosen to become and idols. But who know what is going to happen in they idol life as group Card? 


Main characters/CardEdit

Yuiro Erika/Heart - Erika is happy and funny girl. She is always in a good mood. She is good singer but can also play the piano. Her idol nickname is Heart. 

Minamino Sakura/Diamond - Sakura is clever girl and loves reading books. She is good singer but can also play the piano and guitar. Her idol nickname is Diamond.

Arino Alice/Clover - Alice is sometimes shy but became braver when she became idol in group Card. She is good singer but can also play the violin, flute and drums. Her idol nickname is Clover.

Aino Rena/Spade - Rena sometimes looks like she is very unfriendly and is always alone. She used to be like this before she joined Erika and others. She is great at music and can play a lot of instruments and is also great at singing. Her nickname is Spade. 


Flower is one of two other teams that became idol in the same audition. They are good friends with Card.

Aigo Lily

Maino Daisy

Saide Rose

Airilio Peach

Kurumi Cherry


Shining is other one of two teams that became idol in the same audition. They are big rivals with Card, but later they became friends.

More coming soon...


  • Lion Middle School
  • Shining Academy

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