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Daichi Akiyama
Kanji 秋山 大一
Romaji Akiyama Daichi
Age 14

15 (Renaissance)

Gender Male
Ocupation 2nd/3rd(Renaissance) year student at Fugisaki Middle School
Blood Type B
Height 168cm
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First Appearance
Debut 13th Mystery Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Hiro Shimono

Daichi Akiyama (秋山 大一 Akiyama Daichi), nicknamed as 1st Hero or just 1st, is a self-confident, energetic and boasty 14 year old boy and the main protogonist of 13th Mystery. Despite of his over-boastiness and a habit of regularly doing rash actions he truely has a leadership skills and will not left anyone in trouble. He is the one to start an opposition against the new girl Nazo Kiriya, but nearly in the end he feels sorry for her and appologises.

His birthday date is April 6th and his star sign is Aries.


Daichi has short crimson hair and brown eyes. Among the boys, he is one of the shortests, being shorter than Kenta, Hayate, Kagene, Katashi and Manabu, while taller than Hiroshi and Haruto.


Daichi can be viewed as a self-overconfident and independent boy who is headstrong, impulsive and energetic and who's main hobby is... boasting. He makes a lot of mistakes due to being quite rash in thinking, but after realising his fault, Daichi will try his best to turn everything back to normal. He is brash, bold and immature, but is also really friendly and is great at leading and encouraging people, due to his overflowing enthusiastic nature.

He can be qualified as a kamidere-type character.




Akiyama (秋山): Aki 秋 means "autumn", while yama 山 means "mountain".

Daichi (大一): Dai 大 means "great", while ichi 一 means "one" or "first".

Together it can mean "great one of the autumn mountain".

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