Dream no Gakko
(Yume no Gakko)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunAugust 23, 2013 — April 22, 2014
SuccessorDream no Gakko ♥Love Bell♥
Opening SongHappy Go Lucky!
Ending SongOne thousand Springs

Dream no Gakko (夢の学校 Yume no Gakko) is MitsuMitsu-chan's first fananime.


Dream no Gakko Episodes

One day 14 year old Coco Idehara got transferred to Yume Academy. She dreams to be a idol and will get to experience it. She meets Nagisa Mizusawa and becomes best friends with her. After a few months of studying, she gets invited to perform in a live show.


NOTE: First names come before last names.

Coco Idehara (出原 ココ Idehara Koko) is the female protagonist of Dream no Gakko. She is a 14 year old normal girl when one day her parents wanted her to go to Yume Academy. Coco agreed since her best friend ditched her. She met Nagisa Mizusawa and became best friends with her. She likes her new school more because the people in her old school calls her useless and zero in everything. She is bad at studies but good in sports.

Nagisa Mizusawa (水沢 渚 Mizusawa Nagisa) is a original student of Yume Academy. When Coco first came, she helped her a lot, that's how they became friends. She's helpful and popular in school. She convinces Coco that she is not zero and that if she works hard, she will succeed one day. She knows about Hikaru's crush. She tends to torture Coco's admirers.

Kazuya Minamiyama (南山 かずや Minamiyama Kazuya) is Coco's love interest. He is good looking and popular. He helps Coco a lot, and that's what made Coco fall in love for him.

Hikaru Akasaki (赤崎 ひかる Akasaki Hikaru) is Coco's admirer. He teases Coco often, trying to get her attention.

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