Fumio Enohara
Kanji 榎原 文雄
Romaji Enohara Fumio
Age 13
Gender Male
Ocupation Student

Mika's protector and entertainer

Blood Type Unknown
Height 162 cm
Relatives {{{Relatives}}}
First Appearance
Debut TLS01
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Unknown

Fumio Enohara (榎原 文雄 Enohara Fumio) is the main protagonist of the series, The Lovely Secret.



Fumio is a typical 13 year old boy, who is very active and loves sports and anything to do with technology. He is very experienced with IT (information technology) and as many talents such as being good in sports. He may seem like the type who doesn't fall in love, but he does throughout the series.



Haruto NakanoEdit

Fumio and Haruto were best friends since childhood, and are very close.

Mika SakagamiEdit

Mika and Fumio were close friends, and Fumio started falling for her.


Fumio (文雄) - I was looking through the different guy names and thought this was a nice name.

Enohara (榎原) - I ran out of name ideas and I thought of "eno" and "hara" so I combined them.


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