Houkago Sentai Otome Rangers
(Hōkago Sentai Otome Renjāzu)
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original Run15 April 2014 - 29 March 2015
Opening SongOtome Sensou (episodes 1-28)
Ending SongCONTRADICTION (episodes 1-18)

START:DASH!! (episodes 19-36)
Day of the future (episodes 37-54)

Houkago Sentai Otome Rangers (放課後戦隊乙女レンジャーズ Hōkago Sentai Otome Renjāzu) is the second fanmade anime created by Cure Lucky. It is a mix between magical girl genre and Super Sentai.


Hiromi Azayaka was an ordinary teenage girl, who is a huge fan of super heroes. But one day when she decided to fight evil, her life changed and she herself became a super heroine!



Hiromi Azayaka (鮮やか ひろみ Azayaka Hiromi)/ Otome Red (乙女レッド Otome Reddo)
Hiromi is a bright and cool girl, who is a fan of super heroes and always dreamt of becoming one of them. As the leader of Otome Rangers she is very confident about her plans and sometimes a bit bossy.

Aoi Matataku (瞬く あおい Matataku Aoi)/ Otome Blue (乙女ブルー Otome Burū)
Aoi is a funny and cheerful girl and is great when it comes down to drawing. Hiromi relies on her the most, even if Aoi interrupts her a lot when she is speaking and tends to find crazy the things that Hiromi says.

Hina Kise (喜瀬 ひな Kise Hina)/ Otome Yellow (乙女イエロー Otome Ierō)
Hina is shy and cheerful, but rude girl, who is a good cook. However she can be gentle sometimes and takes things seriously.

Rin Tounen (遠念 りん Tōnen Rin)/ Otome Green (乙女グリーン Otome Gurīn)
Rin is a rude, cool and short-tempered girl, who likes to boast and is the brains of the team.

Amami Kirei (綺麗 甘み Kirei Amami)/Otome Pink (乙女ピンク Otome Pinku)
Amami is very girly, funny, energetic and works as an idol and an actress.


Doki Changer - The Rangers' transformation device.