Kurokawa Hikari is one of main characters in fanmade anime Hearts


Hikari is happy girl, but usually show this only when she is with her good friends. She is friendly and cares for her friends very much. When she found out that she is "the girl between two powers", she was worried about angel and devil world war often and she started to think about her parents even more than before. 


Early Life

Hikari was borned on a cold night in angel world. Her mother and father sent her to the human world, because they wanted her to live normal life. They gived her to their good friend Reina. Reina loved Hikari very much and often looked on her like she is her daughter. She wasn't sure what to tell Hikari when she asked who her parents are. When Hikari was a bit older and asked about her parents again, she told her half of the truth, she doesn't know what happend to them either. 

Meeting Scarlett

One day when Hikari was walking home from school she met Maia Scarlett. They started to talk with each other and they became good friends. When Hikari went to buy someting to drink, Scarlett was attacked by Mauria. Hikari came back and didn't know what's going on. Scarlett told her to run away but she just couldn't. Suddenly when se wanted to save Scarlett, strange light appeared from her. Mauria ran away and Scarlett found out, that Hikari must be "the girl between two powers", that she was searching for.

Finding out about Angel and Devil world and truth about her parents.


Maia Scarlett - 

Ainokawa Reina - 

More about Hikari

Age: 14

Height: 168 cm

Blood type: 0

Birthday: 31th December