Legend Techno☆Angels!
(Rejendo Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!)
DirectorIhara Kou
Original RunJune 7th, 2014
SuccessorPretty Guard Techno☆Angels!
Opening SongMirai o Mite Mitai! (ep. 1-12)

Watashi ga Nozomu Subete (ep. 12-24)

Ending SongMuteki Yume (ep. 1-8)

Techno Style Saikou~! (ep. 9-16)

I Shine My Dream (ep. 17-24)

Legend Techno☆Angels! (レジェンドテクノ☆エンジェルズ! Rejendo Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!) is the fourth anime created by Ihara Kou and the first of the Techno☆Angels! series.


14 year old Akemi Momoki was born having health problems, and so, always thought she was useless and unable to do something for the sake of others. Tired of self discontent, she wishes to become a rather stronger person than she is and that makes her cat talk and grants her wish by offering her to become a Techno☆Angel. That's how her adventures as Shiny☆Angel has begun!



Akemi Momoki (桃木 あけみ Momoki Akemi)/ Shiny☆Angel (シャイニー☆エンジェル Shainī☆Enjeru)
Momoki is a kind and cheerful 14 year old girl who, however, thinks about herself as a total weakling because of her low health. Finally, her desire to become a stronger person makes her able to become a Techno☆Angel. She lacks at studying and sports, but is really good at drawing. As Shiny☆Angel, her theme color is pink and her Techno Light is the Light of Love.

Hoshi Yozora (夜空 ほし Yozora Hoshi)/ Starry☆Angel (スターリ☆エンジェル Sutāri☆Enjeru)
Hoshi is a friendly, bright and cool 14 year old girl and an up-coming idol. However, at first, she was shy about singing in public, but because of her desire, she gains confidence in her voice, as well as the power of Techno☆Angel. As Starry☆Angel, her theme color is blue and her Techno Light is the Light of Hope.

Tsubasa Ageha (揚羽 つばさ Ageha Tsubasa)/ Fuwa☆Angel (フワ☆エンジェル Fuwa☆Enjeru)
Tsubasa is a 14 year old shrine maiden. She is childish, shy and sweet, but when she's around people, her personality dradually changes into rather distant and cold mode. That's why she prayerd that people could see her real self and it causes her to become a Techno☆Angel. As Fuwa☆Angel, her theme color is green and her Techno Light is the Light of Faith.


Nyan-chan (ニャンちゃん Nyan-chan)
Nyan-chan is Akemi's pet cat. After finding out about Akemi's desire, she suddenly gives her powers of a Techno☆Angel.


Terror (テロ Tero)
Terror is an evil aura which can darken people's heart turning it into a weapon of despair.