LilyAnne Star Academy
(RirīAn Sutā Akademī)
Original Run???
SuccessorLilyAnne Star Academy New Story
Opening SongOur Future (1-13)

Friendship Power (14-26)

Ending SongLegend of Hope (1-13)

We can make world turn around (14-26

 LilyAnne Star Academy is MoonlightRainbow's third fanmade anime on this wiki.


Story takes place in future in year 2500. With technology and science humans created a lot new things, but at the same time they were also thinking about nature. But some scientists are creating stupid and sometimes even dangerous thing. There are other scientists that are inventing only useful and not dangerous things. A lot of people with special abilities are born and a lot of strange things are happening...

Yomikawa Haruka is 12 years old girl and student of LilyAnne Star Academy, very famous school on which is really hard to get to. Because she is daughter of famous scientist Yomikawa Hikaru and one of descendants of Yomikawa Sakura, who is one of biggest mysteries of world, because she was born in year 2000 and lives for 500 years already, she and her friends often get involved in troubles in world of science...


Main Characters

Yomikawa Haruka - Haruka is friendly 12 years old girl. She looks very normal but actually she got some special abilities. She can answer very complicated problems in one second and can sometimes calculate excatly how she have to do something. She is also great at sports and loves reading. But unlike some people like that, Haruka likes living normal live (or at least as normal as she can). She have a lot of friends and they are very important to her.

More coming soon...