Maia Scarlett is one of main characters from fanmade anime Hearts.


Scarlett is brave and friendly girl. She is often worried about angel world, but she hide this feelings in herself and doesn't talk about them with anyone. 


Early Life

Scarlett was borned in angel world. Her mother Queen Angel loved her very much. Everyone in the castle was careful about her, because they didn't want her to be in danger because of angel and devil world war. 

Searching for "girl between two powers".

When Scarlett became older she started to help her mother. One day her mother asked her to go search for "girl between two powers". Scarlett went to earth and started to search for her.

Meeting Hikari

Scarlett met Hikari soon after she started to search for "girl between two powers". She soon started to like her and they became friends. Scarlett had strange feeling when she was with her. She had a feeling that Hikari is maybe the girl she was searching for. When Hikari went to buy something to drink, Mauria attacked Scarlett. When they were fighting Hikari suddenly appear there. Scarlett told her to run away but she didn't. Suddenly strange light appeared and Mauria ran away. Scarlett was sure, that she found "the girl between two powers". 

Meeting Reina and telling Hikari about angel and devil world


Kurokawa Hikari - 

Irina Caroline - 

More about Scarlett

Age: 14

Height: 166 cm

Birthday: 28th of July