Momoko Mikazuki
Kanji 三日月 ももこ
Romaji Mikazuki Momoko
Age 14
Gender Female
Ocupation Student
Blood Type AB
Height 155cm
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First Appearance
Debut Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu TBA
Momoko Mikazuki (三日月 ももこ Mikazuki Momoko) is the main protagonist of Pretty Guard Techno☆Angels! and the leader of the season's team. She is a 14 year old cheerful and very stubborn girl who is always looking for adventures and has an enormous sweet-tooth. She also has this weird habit of being motivated by her outrageous thinking, which is one of the reasons she is lead to break down so many times. Her alter ego is Luna☆Angel (ルナ☆エンジェル Runa☆Enjeru), her theme color is pink and her Techno Glitter is the Sugar Moon Glitter.

Her birthday date is June 1st and her star sign is Gemini.



Momoko is a cheerful yet stubborn and somewhat geeky girl with her own sense of logic. While she has a high-leveled intelligence, it is never remarkable in her studies which are plain awful... However, it's not the case in electronic games where she is really succesful and sometimes even hits the highest scores with ease. Also, she is very adventurous and gets easily bored of monotony, even though she spends a big timespan just sitting infront of her computer, playing games or searching for some interesting information. As she almost doesn't spend any time outdoors, Momoko is quite easily lost in the big city which worries her father. 





  • Techno Hyper Pad (テクノ·ハイパー·パッド Tekuno Haipā Paddo) is Momoko's transformation device that looks like a light pink touch-phone. To activate the transformation she shouts out "Glitter! Techno Sparkle Spray!".
  • Moonlit Lollipop (ムーンリット·ロリポップ Mūnritto Roripoppu) is Luna☆Angel's wand-like weapon. It is used to perform Sweet Tooth Fairy Surprise.


  • Sweet Tooth Fairy Surprise




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