Nagisa Mizusawa
Kanji 水沢 渚
Romaji Mizusawa Nagisa
Age 14
Gender Female
Ocupation Student, Scientist
Blood Type B
Height 164 cm
Relatives Akana Mizusawa (mother), father
First Appearance
Debut DnG01
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Aya Endo

Nagisa Mizusawa is the second main character of Dream no Gakko. She is a original student of Yume Academy since Grade 1. She doesn't know her father since young, so she lives with her mother only. She talks to her mother every night.


Nagisa has been living together with her mother since she was born. At Episode 4, she finally knows who her father is.


Nagisa is caring, helpful and a nice person. She respects her idol, Professor Logic and also Coco, except when she does things for her without her permission.


Early Life

When Nagisa was born, she didn't know who her father was. She was told that her father already had a family.

Finding her father

Nagisa promised to keep it a secret, but Coco overheard her saying that she wanted to find her father, so Nagisa has no choice but to tell Coco about it. Coco told Hikaru about it, and they looked for her father. Nagisa finally saw her father. Coco and Hikaru promise to keep the secret to themseles.

Meeting her idol

One day, Nagisa received a email from Professor Logic to have a meet up with him at his lab. Nagisa got excited and discussed with Coco about it. Nagisa wanted to leave a good impression, and starte having trouble thinking about what clothes to wear. In the end, she wore her normal clothes and her scientist coat. Professor Logic supported Nagisa and told her to do her best in achieving her dream.


Mizusawa (水沢) - Mizu 水 means "water" and Sawa 沢 means "swamp".

Nagisa (渚) means "beach".


Coco Idehara - Nagisa's best friend and the first to know her secret.

Hikaru Akasaki - Nagisa's friend and the second to know her secret.


Nagisa wants to be a good scientist lije Professor Logic. She reads about Science everyday to achieve her dream.

More about Nagisa

  • Favorite Color:
    • All
  • Birthday:
    • April 1st
  • Likes:
    • Professor Logic, talking to Coco and Hikaru.
  • Hates:
    • When Coco does something for her without permission.
  • Favorite Food:
    • Everything that is edible to her.
  • Disliked Food:
    • Animal organs, meat and everything that is not edible to her.



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