Perfect Couple
(Kanpeki no Kappuru)
StudioNatsuki Works
NetworkTV Natsuki
Original RunTBA
Opening SongTBA
Ending SongTBA
 Perfect Couple (完璧のカップル Kanpeki no Kappuru) is the 7th fan-made anime created by Curenatsuki. The series' events take place in Haruka, a fictional city near Tokyo. 


Perfect Couple Episodes

Aina Hitomi. Kiritsu Kei. Two people who are said to be worst enemies start to fall in love.


Main Characters

Aina Hitomi (愛名瞳 Aina Hitomi)

Hitomi is a 14 year old girl who excels in the arts (drama, singing, language arts, art, music instruments and dance). She is known to the public as a polite and poised rich young lady, but in reality she is sometimes loud and talkative. She is very popular but has turned down every boy who has confessed to her, possibly waiting for Kei. She is extremely bad at sports. She regards Kei as her lifetime enemy, but is actually in love with him. 

Kiritsu Kei (木率ケイ Kiritsu Kei)

Kei is a 14 year old boy who excels in all sports. He is extremely bad at the arts, known to be tone-deaf. He is very popular but turns down every girl who has confessed to him, possibly waiting for Hitomi. He loves teasing Hitomi. He is extremely dense. He will take every chance to protect Hitomi, even if it means putting his life in danger. He regards Hitomi as his lifetime enemy, but is actually in love with her.