Phoenix Gold (フェニックスゴールド Fenikkusu Gōrudo) is a fanmade anime series created by CureKanade.


A young girl named Madoka Hiyama finds a hurt tiger cub who turns out to be the famous sixteen year old idol, Rena Yamashita, and becomes Phoenix Gold when protecting her from Colourless. She is later joined by Phoenix Bronze and the already popular superhero, Phoenix Silver.



Madoka Hiyama is a cheerful fifteen year old girl who loves manga and sport and sucks at academics. She is a very good netballer and hangs out with her best friend Ringo a lot. Her alter ego is Phoenix Gold and her theme colour is gold and pink.

Ringo Takagaki is Madoka's best friend and dreams of being a superhero. She is smart and pretty and is chased around by boys a lot. Her mother works from home a lot and has no father. Her alter ego is Phoenix Bronze and her theme colour is bronze and white.

Rena Yamashita is the famous idol of Hikari Town. She is also the helper of Queen Goldie and has another form as a tiger cub. She lives with Madoka and is very wise, smart and can be rude. Her alter ego is Phoenix Silver and her theme colour is silver and purple.