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Princess Hearts
SuccessorPrincess Hearts Love
Opening SongKibou no Princess (1-25)

Open my Heart (26-50)

Ending SongLovely Night (1-25)

Power of our Princess Hearts (26-50)


Princess Hearts Episodes

In Miracle Kingdom, Queen Jewel had four daughters, princesses, but on they Kingdom was attacked by Control Kingdom. Young Princesses were send to Earth to be save. Queen protected Miracle Kingdom, but Control Kingdom is back, and this time Queen Jewel needs power of her daughters to help her. She send boy Makoto and four Jewel Fairies to find lost girls.


Four Princesses

Hanazono Mia - Mia is cheerful 14 years old girl. She isn't very good at sports or studying but is great singer, but not a lot of people know that. With powers of her Jewel Fairy Maria she can transform to Lovely Heart, and later in her princess form Princess Heart.

Mimoko Misaki - Misaki is eneregetic 14 years old girl who is great at sports and is very energetic. With powers of her Jewel Fairy Mimi she can transform to Brave Spade and later in her princess form Princess Spade.

Lane Mirai - Mirai is cute 14 years old girl. She loves sweets and animals and all cute things. With powers of her Jewel Fairy Mura she can transform to Cute Club and later in her princess form Princess Club

Yumekawa Mizuki - Mizuki is clever 14 years old girl. She great student and is great at both studying and sports. With powers of her Jewel Fairy Misui she cna transform in Wise Diamond and later in Princess Diamond.

Miracle Kingdom

Makoto Makoto is about 15 - 16 years old boy from Miracle Kingdom. She was sent together with Jewel Fairies to find Four Princesses.

Queen Jewel - Queen Jewel is Queen of Miracle Kingdom.

Jewel Fairies

MariaMaria is Mia's Jewel Fairy partner. They are similiar and very diffrent at the same time that's why they are often arguing.

MimiMimi is Misaki's Jewel Fairy partner. Just like Misaki she is very energetic and loves sports.

MuraMura is Mirai's Jewel Fairy partner and youngest from all Jewel Fairies.

MisuiMisui is Mizuki's Jewel Fairy partner. She is older from Jewel Fairies and also the most clever.

Control Kingdom

King Shadow - King of Control Kingdom.