Shiny♡Guardians! (シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ! Shainī♡Gādianzu!) is a magical girl anime project created by Cure Pinky. The series is going to have similar to Pretty Cure but will obviously have majority of differences. Each series will have about 42 - 48 episodes and each series will have different themes.
Shiny♡Guardians! logo

The first logo for Shiny♡Guardians!


Shiny♡Guardians!: Mix It Up!

Shiny♡Guardians!: Mix It Up! (シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ!:ミックス·イット·アップ! Shainī♡Gādianzu: Mikkusu·Itto·Appu!) follows the four girls, Kouki Nikki, Ibara Shinobu, Hino Anna and Mizuki Lala as they learn to control their powers as the magical girls, Shiny♡Guardians and fight against the evil, Rein. The themes for the show are light versus darkness and hearts.

Colorful Touch: Shiny♡Guardians!

Colourful Touch: Shiny♡Guardians! (カラフルタッチ:シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ! Karafuru Tatchi: Shainī♡Gādianzu!) follows the seven new Shiny♡Guardians as they battle Blackhole and collect the seven missing Rainbow Dials which will create a miracle in the world. The theme is rainbows.

Magical Tarot! Shiny♡Guardians!

Magical Tarot! Shiny♡Guardians! (マジカルタロット!シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ! Majikaru Tarotto! Shainī♡Gādianzu!) follows three girls named Hoshimiya Hime, Mahou Yuzuna and Akagi Mika who represent the three tarot cards, The Empress, The Magician and The Priestess, as the Shiny♡Guardians and battle Prominence. The girls must collect the missing tarot cards that will aid them in battle and help them defeat Prominence. The theme for the show is tarot cards.

Trump Queen! Shiny♡Guardians!

Trump Queen! Shiny♡Guardians! (トランプクイーン!シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ! Toranpu Kuīn! Shainī♡Gādianzu!) follows four girls (later five) as they fight against Renaissance and collect the Card Memes before the enemy does. The series takes place in the same universe as Magical Tarot! Shiny♡Guardians! and takes place a year after it started. The themes are card suits and friendship.

Shiny♡Guardians! Happiness Forever!

Shiny♡Guardians! Happiness Forever! (シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ! ハピネスフォーエバー! Shainī♡Gādianzu! Hapinesu Fōebā!) follows Mikashi Nozomu, who becomes a Shiny Guardian and battles Eris all by herself with only her best friend to help her from the sidelines. The themes are happiness and fashion.

Shiny♡Guardians!: Back to the Beginning!

Shiny♡Guardians!: Back to the Beginning! (シャイニー♡ガーディアンズ!:バック·トゥ·ザ·ビギニング! Shainī♡Gādianzu!: Bakku·to~u·Za·Biginingu!) is the fifth anniversary season of Shiny♡Guardians!. The series follows the main girls who started it all: Kouki Nikki, Ibara Shinobu, Hino Anna and Mizuki Lala as they take up the mission as being Shiny♡Guardians once again to fight against Dear and her comrades at the age of nineteen! The theme is time.