Super Hero All Stars Academy
(Supa Hiro Oru Sutazu Akademi)
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunAugust 2014-June 2015
Opening SongJump, Super Hero (Eps 1-25)

Success Key (Eps 26-50)

Ending SongEpic Strike (Eps 1-25)

Super Adventure (Eps 26-50)

Super Hero All Stars Academy (スーパーヒーローオールスターズアカデミー Supa Hiro Oru Sutazu Akademi) is Starmix03's first fanmade anime show. It is divided into two 'semesters', 1 and 2.


A new school is opened to the public for those who wants to be a Super Hero. But somehow the Dark Crest Empire starts to invade the world. An ordinary new student named Kitazora Ken and his friends will fight the evil by using their powers which their teachers taught.



  • Kitazora Ken/Polar Fist

The protagonist of the show. Ken is inspired by Starmix03. But unlike her, Ken is shy but clever. He transforms with the Polar Belt and his alter ego is Polar Fist and his power is based on constellations.

  • Minamikawa Sho/Cyborg Attacker

Sho is Ken's first friend, as well as his best friend. He is good at chess and he likes to play baseball. Sho loves robots, and he obtains the power to be one. He transforms with the Robo Attack Cellular and his alter ego is Cyborg Attacker and his powers are based on robots and technology.

  • Tachibana Kazuya/Mach Racer

Kazuya's father was a famous racer, but he died in a car crash. He dreams to be a famous racer like his dad. He likes to joke around, especially with Ken. He transforms with the Kuruma Denwa and his alter ego is Mach Racer. His powers are based on vehicles.

  • Umida Ikari/Anchor Pirate

Ikari lives near the beach. His family owns a burger shop, so Ikari can make burgers. Ikari loves pirate stories. He transforms with the Pirate Roulette and his alter ego is Anchor Pirate. His power is based on marine and pirates.

  • Akizuki Masaki/Moonlight Logic

The smartest student in the class, Masaki is good at math and science. He likes to solve algebra problems. His family were all scientists, mathematicians, and doctors, no wonder he is smart since he comes from an intelligent family. He transforms with the Akizuki Calculator and his alter ego is Moonlight Logic. His powers are based on mathematics and other school subjects.

  • Morimoto Masahiro/Kabukichō Shogun

Masahiro is a very 'Old Japan' kind of student, he is not really interested in modern stuff. His real name is Yamatohito no Mikoto Morimoto Masahiro. He comes from a Kabuki background and his family owns the Morimoto Gekijō. He learns alot about the Sengoku period and he also obtains the power of it. He transforms with the Kabuki Gekijō-denwa and his alter ego is Kabukichō Shogun. His powers are based on ancient Japan.

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