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Susume! is an anime made by Cure Serenity. It is about the life of six girls, all who are aiming to become an idol through Pop Luck Records. Their names are Sumire Tachibana, Usagi Sakurakouji, Seira Hoshina, Usami Sakurakouji, Miku Yukine, and Ena Echizen.

Episodes: Not made yet.


Sumire Tachibana has just entered her freshman year of highschool as the super popular idol, Sumirin, who is a cute type of idol. She does work by herself, and has been an idol for almost two year. However, at the school she enters, there is no club for her to join that relates to her interest, and everyone there either wants to take advantage of her or doesn't want to be near her, in case of accidental death from a fan. Soon, she meets Usagi and Usami Sakurakougi, the only two girls who actually want to be her friend. But, most of all, they are twins that want to be idols together. Soon, the twins introduce Sumire to their friends from their old school, Seira Hoshina, Miku Yukine, and Ena Echizen, who all wan to be idols too. It is then that Sumire decided that she will form an idol unit with these five other girls, who have shown a sparkling will that she has only seen in herself.