Techno☆Angels! (テクノ☆エンジェルズ! Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!) is an anime project created by Cure Lucky which is planning to have some different series about girls living in future who gain the ability to transform into magical girls called Techno☆Angels. Every Techno☆Angel has her own specific role she takes in the team.


Legend Techno☆Angels!

Legend Techno☆Angels! (レジェンドテクノ☆エンジェルズ! Rejendo Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!) revolves around 14 year old Akemi Momoki, who thinks of herself as useless and wishes for more strength, becoming a Techno Angel with her fellows Hoshi Yozora and Tsubasa Ageha.

  • Line-Up:
    • Shiny☆Angel - the Leader, but also the Private
    • Starry☆Angel - the Ace
    • Fuwa☆Angel - the Cutie

Pretty Guard Techno☆Angels!

Pretty Guard Techno☆Angels! (プリティガードテクノ☆エンジェルズ! Puriti Gādo Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!) revolves around fancy 14 year old Momoko Mikazuki and her team as they are the "improved" Techno☆Angels.

  • Line-Up:
    • Luna☆Angel - the Leader
    • Sunny☆Angel - the Sub Leader and the Voice of a Reason
    • Acqua☆Angel - the Complainer
    • Brandstelle☆Angel - the Brains
    • Shin☆Angel - the Private

Idol Project: Utatte Techno☆Angels!

Idol Project: Utatte Techno☆Angels! (アイドルプロジェクト:うたってテクノ☆エンジェルズ! Aidoru Purojekuto: Utatte Tekuno☆Enjeruzu!) revolves around diligent 15 year old Haya Utayo's passionate aspiration of becoming an idol, getting into Idol Project: Utatte Techno☆Angels!, however, not expecting at all what will her idol career turn out to be like.

  • Line-Up:
    • Beat☆Angel
    • Melodic☆Angel
    • ...

Techno☆Angels! Happiness

Techno☆Angels! Happiness (テクノ☆エンジェルズ!ハピネス Tekuno☆Enjeruzu! Hapinesu) revolves around cheerful, but lonely and sad 14 year old Keiko Yukikoe's research for the true happiness.

  • Line-Up:
    • Happy☆Angel
    • Lovely☆Angel
    • Harmony☆Angel
    • Espoir☆Angel
    • Liberta☆Angel
    • Lucky☆Angel

Petite Techno☆Angels!

Petite Techno☆Angels!

Techno☆Angels: Elemental Force

Techno☆Angels: Elemental Force revolves around seemingly careless 13 year old Amaya Koizumi and her fellows who are trained not only to fight karate, as it seemed, but also to gain the Techno☆Angelic kind of magic which gave them the abilities to control over elements.

Strike! Techno☆Angels

Color On! Techno☆Angels

Techno☆Angel Hero Pro 5

Cyberpunk Techno☆Angels!