The Beginning
NetworkTV Kanade
SuccessorThe Dawning Light
Opening SongForget Me Not
Ending SongLost You. Lost Me
The Beginning also unknown as 初め (Hajime) is a series created by CureKanade. There is to be three seasons in the series. The story follows Hanazawa Maria, a sixteen year old adopted girl who goes on an adventure to find out why her actual parents had left her behind and about the mysterious locket that seems to hold the answers to her background.


The Beginning Episodes

Could a locket hold all the power to finding out about a person's background? Well Hanazawa Maria thinks it can. After finding the locket in the forest, she suddenly has developed a power where she can feel how animals feel and also has senses like animals. Thinking that the locket could reveal why her parents abandoned her, she shows her adopted parents the locket but they begin acting strange after seeing it. The new boy, Sky and animals just won't leave her alone and her best friends seem to be disappearing right and left. But as she founds out the secrets surrounding her and the town, a change starts to happen within her body.


Main Characters

  • Hanazawa Maria (花澤マリア Hanazawa Maria)
    • The main protagonist of the series.