The different me in a different galaxy
(Betsu no ginga de kotonaru kure)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Kanade
Original RunJuly 12, 2014 - ongoing
Episodes35 or 40 Episodes
SuccessorThe Different Me of a Different Galaxy: Michiru's Adventure
Opening SongSpirited Away
Ending SongLost Child
The different me in a different galaxy (別の銀河で異なるくれ Betsu no ginga de kotonaru kure) is an anime series created by CureKanade.


The Different Me of a Different Galaxy Episodes

This series is about a girl named Hateshi Chihiro who comes across a portal which takes her to another galaxy which she thinks is Earth. But she ends up founding out that she is in another galaxy with a planet exactly like Earth but is called Pandora. She meets a girl who looks exactly like her but has purple eyes and has the exact opposite of Chihiro's personality. Chihiro then finds out that the portal back to Earth has disappeared! How will Chihiro get back home and what will happen when its time for Chihiro to leave to go back to Earth?


Main Characters

Hateshi Chihiro (果史 千尋 Hateshi Chihiro) is the main character of the series. She is a kind, friendly girl who comes across a portal in the woods when she was having her morning walk. At school, she was teased a lot by the boys and girls since she was an easy target but in Pandora, she is treated like a member of their society and finds that the world does not take bullying lightly. She is shocked to find that Michiru looks a lot like her and likes her like a friend. She enrols into Michiru's school and makes lots of friends.

Sekai Michiru (世界 満ちる Sekai Michiru) is the other main character of the series. She is a friendly girl who is very good at standing up for herself and others and lives on Planet Pandora. She finds it strange that Chihiro looks like her since there is no such thing as twins or anyone looking like each other. She becomes Chihiro's friends easily and let's her stay at her house and become apart of her family until the portal comes back to take Chihiro back to Earth.

Secondary Characters

Sekai Hikaru (世界 光る Sekai Hikaru) is Michiru's father and the principal of Yononaka Academy.