The Lovely Secret is CureCookie's second fan anime. It's theme is romance and secret.


Fumio Enohara, an ordinary 13 year old boy was suddenly asked by his best friend to protect and make his secret twin happy. Fumio agrees, thinking that he can just do it for fun. However, he finds himself falling for her. What will he do?


Fumio Enohara (榎原 文雄 Enohara Fumio)

  • A 13 year old boy, who was asked by his best friend to protect and make his secret twin happy. As the days pass, he finds himself falling in love with Mika.

Mika Sakagami (坂上 未佳 Sakagami Mika) / Mika Nakano

  • A 13 year old girl, who sits next to Fumio in class. She is Haruto's twin, but is unaware about it. She suspects that Fumio crushes on her, but does not have enough evidence to prove. Some of her friends say she looks like Haruto, but some do not.

Haruto Nakano (中野 ハルト Nakano Haruto)

  • Haruto is Mika's twin, and knows about it. He requested Fumio to protect and make Mika happy. He is popular for his looks, and is a sort of "playboy" with a bad attitude.



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