Yes! Prototype Life!
(Yiesu! Purototaipu Raifu!)
StudioNatsuki Works
NetworkTV Natsuki
Original RunTBA
Opening SongTBA
Ending SongTBA
Yes! Prototype Life! (イエス!プロトタイプライフ! Yiesu! Purototaipu Raifu!) is the 6th fan-made anime created by Curenatsuki. The series' events take place in Nijisumi City, a fictional high-tech and scientific city near Tokyo.


Nijisumi City is a high-tech and scientific city where many weird sights are seen. Except the workers, all the other people are students. Ria, a newly-created robot identical to humans, is sent to see the world because she does not yet have feelings and emotions. She enrolls in Kazesora Academy and is immediately popular. There, she meets many new friends and perhaps, a new love...?


Main Characters

(Sakurano) Ria / Prototype trial number 10032 ((桜野) リア / プロトタイプ トライアル ナンバー 10032号 (Sakurano) Ria / Purototaipu Toraiaru Nanbā Ichiman Sanjūni-gō)

Ria is a newly-created robot that is identical to humans. She is extremely smart, but this is because all the information in the world has been put into her head and memory when being created. However she lacks feelings and emotions, so the scientists who created her sent her out to see the world, in hoping she would gain emotions and feelings of her own, as the scientists couldn't do anything to give Ria emotions and feelings. She is the 10032th creation of her kind, but the 10031 ones before her all failed, therefore she is called a "prototype".

Takahashi Akio (高橋あきお Takahashi Akio)

Akio is Ria's love interest. He was the first one Ria answered on her first day at school (she ignored everyone else). He is constantly annoyed at Ria's scientific answers, but upon knowing she is a robot he understands. He is the first one to find out Ria is a robot.