This is a list of episodes for the anime Yonoowari.

Episode # Title Air Date
01 Kyōi ni tōchaku
"Arrival at Kyōi"
A young girl named Kotoba Taketori has moved to a town that is far away from any other town in Japan because her mother has been offered a job there. The town is called Kyōi and only 1500 people live there. Kotoba makes friends with a boy named Makoto Hino and is introduced to Tayori Koden and is finding Kyōi wierd already, until she gets home and sees a USB (Memory Stick) lying on her bed.
02 Shinpi-tekina memori sutikku
"A mysterious memory stick"
Kotoba finds out that her initials are printed on the USB stick and plugs it in her new computer. She see's a file that says intSC1002A_ktaketori.doc and opens the file to see a huge stream of random letters. She emails Makoto about the USB stick and closed the laptop and went to bed. The next day she finds out that Tayori got the same USB stick but with his initials on it. Kotoba and Tayori hand the USB sticks to Makoto to take a look at and see what it is about. The next day, Makoto says its like an audio file.
03 Kureijī Asshu
"Crazy Ash"
The episode starts off with the trio making sure no security guards were looking their way and saw Crazy Ash arguing with two security guards. Makoto tells Kotoba and Tayori to settle down and that no one will care that three random kids are looking at on their laptop. Makoto plays the file and it turns out to be a conversation is between Professor Himo and Chief Satsujin. They speak about how the world will end in 100 days and about Kotoba. At the end of the day, Kotoba finds a note saying "This is not a joke. Meet at airport, 7:30pm, Sunday" in her bag. The trio assume the note is by Crazy Ash.
04 Kureijī Asshu to no kaidan
"The meeting with Crazy Ash"
05 Watashitachiha, taiho sa rete imasu ka?
"Are we busted?"